Research summary


Onomy Protocol is an interoperable Layer-1 ecosystem built to converge Forex and decentralized finance.

Project summary

Onomy is a decentralized monetary stabilization system. It's made up of five components: Onomy Network, which is a Layer 1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK; Arc Bridge Hub, that enables bridges to other blockchains; Onomy Exchange: a decentralized exchange with orderbook trading; Onomy Access that it's a multi-chain wallet app: and Onomy Reserve: governs the minting of stablecoins. The system aims to provide a seamless cross-chain and multi-chain experience for users to manage assets, trade, and access dApps from one wallet app.X



  • Lalo Bazzi
    Founder and CEO.
  • Charles Dusek
    Co-founder & CTO.
  • André Cruz
    Co-founder & Board Member. Musician & E-Commerce guru. 2 exited ventures ($2M/year). Runs social network with 10M+ followers
  • Parker Howard
    CMO. Digital creative, strategist and visionary. Previously of Adidas, Chelsea FC and Tunepics
  • Thomas Chrétien
    Designer, worked with Redbull & Airbnb. Dedicated one third of his life building digital products
  • Stuart Sugarman
    Head of Business. Ex-Vice Chairman at Cohen&Company fund. Specialised in Emerging Growth and Tech.
  • Felix Howard
    Advisor. A&R director at BMG Records. Signed Calvi Harris, Lana del Rey and more.

Investors & partners

Investors: BitFinex, UDHC, GSR, Ava Labs,Galileo, CMS Holdings, Citadel.One, Cosmostation, GD10 Ventures....

Avalanche Network, IOTA's Shimmer Aurora on Near, Polygon, Harmony One...




It's a Comos-based ecosystem


Onomy Exchange (ONEX)

ONEX is a cross-chain and multi-chain hybrid decentralized exchange (DEX), with a technical architecture that converges Automated Market Maker (AMM) liquidity pools with an orderbook UI, thus creating a powerful, fair, and non-custodial approach to decentralized trading that supports stop losses, limit orders, conditional orders and advanced charting.

Onomy Reserve
Onomy Protocol has been built to facilitate on-chain Forex trading, payments, settlement, remittance, diversification, and DeFi access through decentralized, crypto-collateralized, and non-custodial stablecoins pegged to the value of major world currencies like the USD, EUR, JPY... This is achieved through the Onomy Resrve

Arc Bridge Hub
Arc is a hub-and-spoke model bridge that enables users to transfer tokens from an integrated chain to Onomy and back again - or to another integrated chain - by locking up tokens on integrated chain side of Arc, and minting equivalent tokens on the Onomy side of Arc.


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