Research summary


Bringing interoperability, scalability, and privacy to Web3 with cutting-edge zero-knowledge proof systems

Project summary

Polyhedra Network ( designs and implements zkBridge, providing secure and efficient cross-chain infrastructure for interoperability between layer 1 and layer 2. zkBridge uses ZK constructions to efficiently convince the receiving chain that a certain state transition occurred on the sending chain. With zero-knowledge proofs, zkBridge offers robust security without relying on external assumptions and significantly reduces on-chain verification costs.

Polyhedra launched the zkBridge Mainnet Alpha ( in April 2023, supporting NFT transfers and messaging across more than 10 layer 1 and layer 2 blockchain networks, such as BNB Chain, Ethereum, and Arbitrum. zkBridge is considered the first secure, efficient, and universal cross-chain interoperability protocol backed by zkSNARKs. The team invented and implemented deVirgo, a novel distributed proof system to accelerate proof generation, and recursive proofs to reduce zkBridge's on-chain proof verification cost.

LayerZero and Polyhedra Network have established a strategic partnership to revolutionize cross-chain bridges with zkBridge technology. The deep integration of zk light client technology into LayerZero will enhance the security, performance, and cost efficiency of cross-chain infrastructure and interoperability across the entire Web3 space.



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