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Taiko is an Ethereum roll-up that solves the network scaling problem and offers faster and cheaper transactions. It is considered by Vitalik Buterin as one of the best Ethereum zk roll-ups, and is led by Daniel Wang, founder of Loopring and former Google engineer.

Project summary

Roll-ups are able to summarize a group of transactions and send only the summary to Ethereum layer 1, relieving the network of workload and enabling faster and cheaper transactions.

There are two types of roll-ups: optimistic and zk roll-ups. The zk roll-ups are the ones that will support Ethereum scaling, as the optimistic roll-ups have a long final confirmation time and leave a window open for challenging transactions.

The big difference of Taiko versus other layer 2s is its decentralization and that it is fully compatible and equivalent with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). This means that there is no need to change code to use it and offers an easier transition for developers.

Taiko is backed by a highly experienced team and has received praise from Vitalik Buterin for its technology and development. It is an important solution for scaling Ethereum and offers significant benefits for users of the network.


Type-1 ZK-EVM (fully equivalent to Ethereum) - see Vitalik's essay on types of zkEVMs.

Easy for developers - smart contracts, applications and tools work exactly the same as in Ethereum L1

Decentralized from day one - unique design ensures maximum decentralization and resistance to censorship.

Permissionless: anyone willing can join or leave the network at any time without the need for any permission.

Instant finality: users only need to wait for a L1 confirmation for their Taiko L2 transactions to be finalized.

Robust + Secure: security is prioritized at the protocol level, as in Ethereum L1, without the need for game theory.



Daniel Wang

Loopring Founder, Advisor, and ex-CEO, ex-Google Engineer

Brecht Devos

Loopring Software Architect, Ethereum Foundation zkEVM core task force team member

Terence Lam

Loopring Advisor, Former VP of Operation Former VP & General Manager, HTC & Motorola

Matthew Finestone

Former GameStop Head of Blockchain

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Ethereum-equivalent ZK-Rollup


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